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The following is a list of our most frequently asked online questions. Click on a Question to view answers relating to your selection. Should you not find the answer to your question listed below, then please send your question through our contact information.

  • What is NASCAM Stand for?

    It is a Namibian Society of Composer and Authors of Music, a collective Management Organization which administer the rights of those creative artistic works, called in a combination word “MUSIC” The main objective of NASCAM is To register Members and their works To register and license all musical use in the country To collect Royalties, or fees from those using Music and distribute Royalties to our members and those of sister Organization, and finally to fight against any form of piracy in Namibia  
  • Is anybody welcome to register with NASCAM?

    Only those who have created musical works like Composers, Songwriters, lyricists and Publishers of any kind of Music.
  • What about the producer of the music and dancers?

    They are also part of Creativity Industry but they are into two category, One performer or creator of theatrical act. Music Producer can be part of creative musical works and he/she may own certain Rights of that works or a Producer can be directed to finalize the original creative musical works and paid once off for his/her service, and have no right to claim for any Rights on the works. The performer are told or directed to act or dance, they just service provider not real creators, but there is a new WIPO Performer Treaty that was signed last year June 2012 in Beijing-China, that will consider the protection of performer and Actors, because thier actors/action are regarded as unique and some are just natural talent to act without directed, and this is the same as creativities.Therefore our country will soon include this Treaty in our National Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Protection Act.
  • If one register with NASCAM what benefit one can get there?

    Your Musical work will be fully protected and you will receive Royalties payment when your musical works is used on the radios.
  • What is Royalties?

    Royalties is money pay out by collective Management Society NASCAM to compensate the creators of Musical works when it was been us e.g. Song use on the radio. Who or what kind of business is expected to be licensed by NASCAM. NASCAM issue music license to each and everybody who make use of music in public places e.g. Radios, clubs, restaurants, shop, juke box, bar, buses etc. How do you or NASCAM distribute Royalties to artist? , what arrangement do you have in place to make sure each artist get his or her money? We have a unique system in place which uses to distribute Royalties to our members, supported by the information documents from Broadcasters (PRS Forms), where all the songs played on the radio and TV are listed.
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