Board Members



Name: Mr. John Eino Max


Name: Mr. Peter Hoakhaob

Title: Board Member

Others: Lecturer at the College of Arts, Music Department head, representing the Ministry dealing with Arts and Cultural matters.


Name: Mr. Silas Kishi Shakumu

Title: Chairperson

Others: Owner of Shakumu & Association Law Firm 

Name: Mr. John Walenga

Title: Board Member

Others: Songwriter, Music Publisher and Businessman.


Name: Mr. Jose Efraim

Title: Vice-Chairperson

Others: Copyright Administrator, representing the Ministry deal with Copyright matters. 

Name: Mr. Gabriel Joseph

Title: Board Member

Others: Representing the Music Union, a Popular Band manager and a Businessman.


Name: Frans Katameloh

Title: Board Member

Others: Music Composer and music producers.

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